We're absolutely crazy about cats. The Crooked Tail Cat Cafe is a place where you can come hang out with your favorite felines and grab some food and drink. There's nothing quite like it around!

So come on in and see why we are the cat's meow.

Whether you are looking for cat therapy or your new best friend we can accomodate all your cat needs! 

Our proceeds go towards continuing to save cats lives by providing an enriching environment designed for cats. By visiting the Crooked Tail Cat Cafe you are not only getting to hang out with the coolest cats, but you're also contributing to getting kittens into furever homes.  




The Crooked Tail Cat Cafe is the brainchild of Karen Stratman. Ever since she was a child she had a passion for animals, which led her to get two degrees in animal related science fields. She graduated from University of Florida with a Master's in Entomology, but ever since graduation she has had an insatiable appetite for running and managing companies.

Her passion for animals goes far beyond just the love of cats, because she lives a plant based lifestyle and believes in doing no harm to living creatures.

In 2017, Karen decided to commit her full attention to opening the first cat cafe in North Carolina. By November that same year she was able to get the doors at the Crooked Tail Cat Cafe open, and the rest is one for the history books.