Company policies


  • The entry fee to the Kitty Lounge for one hour of as many cuddles and snuggles as you can get is $10. Additional time can be purchased if there is availability.
  • For the safety of our resident kitties we can only admit up to 12 guests into the Kitty Lounge during each reservation slot.
  • A waiver form must be signed by all guests entering the Kitty Lounge. Minors must have the form signed by a parent or legal guardian.
  • Policies regarding minors:
    • An adult must accompany a child under the age of 14.
    • The cafe welcomes families and encourages parents to bring their children, however in order to provide a relaxing environment for the cats and other customers we only allow each adult to supervise a maximum of two children.
    • For the cats safety and the safety of your humans we do not allow any children under the age of 5 to be admitted into the cafe. However, if you are looking for the purrfect addition to your family and have a child under the age of five please contact us directly so that we can accommodate your needs.


  • We can offer a full refund if your reservation is cancelled at least 24 hours before your appointment. If you cancel within 24 hours of your reservation you may not be entitled to a refund, but please contact us for more information on how we can accommodate you. 
  • If you are more than 15 minutes late to your reservation we reserve the right to offer the spot to a walk-in.


  1. Sanitize your hands upon entry into the Kitty Lounge.
  2. No rough housing the cats – pulling on tails, whiskers or ears. No picking up cats without permission from a Crooked Tail Cat Cafe Representative.
  3. Cat food is for cats and human food is for humans.
  4. Catnaps are a part of their life so if they are sleeping please let them. Take a picture instead it’s more fun!
  5. Pictures are encouraged, but please no flash because it hurts kitty’s eyes.
  6. Please be aware that cats, although adorable and fluffy, still have sharp claws and teeth.
  7. Have fun – play with the cats, cuddle the cats or find a purrfect companion.