What is a cat cafe?

A cat cafe is a place where you can come have a sip of coffee (or any other beverage we are serving) and come hang out with our resident felines! The cafe is the home for the cats and provides them with a cage-free environment so that they can let their personalities shine. The resident felines come from a local rescue organization and are all up for adoption so that they can find a furrever home.

Can I bring my own cat?

Please, no we already have plenty for you here. 

What about all the health regulations with cats and food? 

The cafe is separated into two spaces - one exclusively for the cats and another space that has the food and drinks. The kitties will be strictly off limits from the areas where there is food. All the food comes pre-packaged and we do not make any food at the cafe. However, if a customer wants to take their food into the Kitty Lounge that is permitted. 

Why do you charge a cover fee?

A visit to the Kitty Lounge contributes to something larger by getting more cats into loving homes in the Triad. We provide a service to our customers, whether it is people who need therapeutic time with cats, or those that are interested in adopting a new family member. There is no other place in town where you can visit a room full of free-range cats! Some of our customers want to visit because they live in situations where they cannot own a cat, and we can give them the "cat fix" they need! Our cats also provide great therapeutic benefits for people that need time to decompress and relax. Our fees are similar, and many times less than services such as, going out to dinner, yoga classes, movie tickets, art exhibits, bowling, etc. There are many expenses when you are caring for so many mouths - such as food and litter, and the cover fees is how we give our feline residents the best care possible so that we can keep saving lives.

Where are your cats from?

We have partnered exclusively with Red Dog Farm Animal Rescue Network to provide us with all of our cats. They are a local 501(c3) non-profit who specializes in rescuing all kinds of animals - including cats, dogs, cows, horses, pigs, guinea pigs and even some exotics like iguanas and parrots!

Are these cats adoptable?

Yes! All the cats living here are searching for their purrfect family. 

Are my children allowed to visit?

We do allow children to visit the cafe - however, our policy on children is as follows: All children under the age of 18 must have a waiver form signed by a parent or legal guardian, all children under the age of 15 must be supervised by an adult, and an adult may not supervise more than two children at once. For the safety of our cats and small humans we do not allow any children under the age of 5 into the cafe (but if you have a special circumstance please contact us directly so that we can accommodate your needs). The cafe is a family friendly space and we encourage you to bring your children for the fun experience.