How It Works

So here is how it works:

  1. This isn't a typical coffee house. The Crooked Tail Cat Cafe is sectioned into two areas - one that is all about the cats a.k.a "Kitty Lounge", and one that is all about food and drink a.k.a "The Cafe". In order for the safety of the humans and cats, we do limit how many customers are admitted into the Kitty Lounge at once.

  2. We highly encourage people planning to visit the Kitty Lounge to make a reservation in advance. If we are filled up we won't be able to allow you in until the next available time slot. We do take walk-ins if we have available space.

  3. Each reserved time slot will get you one hour of cat time in the Kitty Lounge.

  4. You can arrive early to your reservation and we can seat you in the cafe area and get your food & drink order. We suggest that customers arrive fifteen minutes prior to their reservation.

  5. When you arrive at the cafe one of our friendly staff members will check you in and let you know about the house rules that apply to visitors in the Kitty Lounge.

  6. Time for kitty snuggles and playtime, or potentially finding your new best friend.